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When everything is up and running our Richiers wiil help you further whenever needed. For maintenance or spare parts, but also for adaptations and add-ons when you want to change the production typ...
Comprehensive training
We provide comprehensive trainings for the technicians of each project. We can also continue to provide support for the technicians during latter project operation. Tracking utilization results of ...
Project Acceptance
When the relevant project index reaches the design standard, the project will be issued by customer and passed the acceptance check.We learn from our previous projects to make continuous improvemen...
We always help you with installation
According to the design drawing, gradually start to install mechanical equipment and related supporting equipment.Whether you choose your own subcontractor for the erection phase or you want to ins...
Project construction
Carry out civil & electric engineering,reasonable equipment layout.With our expertise and rich experience in civil construction, we are able to shorten the construction period, optimize the design,...
Scientific packaging and transportation
Keeping in mind a Chinese old saying that “Jade must be cut and chiseled to make it a useful ware”(a person must be disciplined and educated to be a useful citizen), Richi Machinery has always been...
Manufacturing in-house and by specialists worldwide
The critical components of the of the feed pellet and biomass pellet production line equipment are built in our own workshops in Asia. Additional equipment needed to complete the plant is manufactu...
We design and build the plant you need
We don't have a standard range, because we reckon that the raw materials, conditions, formulations and pellet requirements in an industrial process are always different. Based on your unique situat...
We share our experiences worldwide
Richi has done projects in many industries, sometimes with challenging raw materials and biomass fuel mixes, in remote areas or with complicated combinations of media in one single plant. We know h...
We assess your needs
We want to have a deep understanding of your industrial process, to know your exact needs offeed or biomass pellet processing. Or maybe you are switching from outdated equipment to fully automated ...
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