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Ways to pick a floating fish feed machine
about 2 months ago

Over the last few years, with the quick advancement of the economy, the drifting fish feed maker has followed closely, as well as the fish feed pellet maker has been sought after by everybody. After that there is a problem, that is, exactly how to pick the floating fish feed maker Allow's evaluate the 3 approaches of choosing a fish feed pellet equipment.

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1. Approaches to select a floating fish feed device.

( 1) Appearance high quality.

The spray paint externally of the shell of the drifting fish feed equipment should be consistent as well as company, as well as there must be no paint leakage, sagging and falling off. The chrome-plated components should be firm and vibrantly refined, free from peeling and also corrosion. Stainless-steel components must have a smooth surface area, no bumps, and must be refined with cool polished patterns.

( 2) Setting up as well as fastening

Along with inspecting the fastening of the body and also the framework, the electric motor (or diesel engine) and the chassis, the floating fish feed maker mostly checks the assembly top quality of the layout locking nut and also the pellet cutter, as well as the ring die floating fish feed machine mostly checks Whether the attaching bolts of the design template are tightened up. And also inspect the rigidity of the pinch roller bracket and also pinch roller.

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( 3) Change the space between the die and the stress roller wall surface.

Two layers of paper are stuffed in between the stress roller and also the internal wall surface of the ring die, and it can be pulled out with a little force. After change, make certain to tighten the readjusting nut in time and set up the protective cover.

After confirming that there are no international objects in the shield and also the ring die, transform the ring die by hand. Right now, the driven spindle ought to revolve briskly, and there is no sticking phenomenon or rubbing noise.

2. Notes:

Directly observe whether there is pounding of the drifting fish feed machine ring die during rotation as well as whether it will rub against other parts. Open the monitoring port for feeding the powder into the turning cage and also examine whether there is any kind of foreign matter in the turning cage.

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Revolve the cage shaft by hand, the cage shaft should revolve smoothly and there is no massaging sound. Continuously open and also close the ring-molded storage facility door to examine whether it is simple to open up and also close and securely closed.

Specific interest should be paid to checking the rigidity of the joint as well as the reliability of the locking. The general requirements are: exact placing, strong locking, and also no leak of powder.

After locking the press chamber door, observe the seam seal of the chamber door from the side. If there is a place where the seal is not limited, the repairing bolts of the door hinge of the stockroom can be adjusted to successfully protect against the leak of powder.

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3. Introduction of drifting fish feed device

The drifting feed extruder device is a feed processing device that directly presses pellets from crushed products such as corn, soybean dish, straw, lawn, rice husk, etc( 1) Category of floating fish feed pellet machine

drifting fish feed equipment can be divided into ring die pellet device, ring die pellet equipment and counter-roll pellet equipment; according to manufacturing, it can be split right into: straw feed pellet machine, wheat bran feed pellet maker, soybean dish feed pellet equipment, corn straw feed pellet device, Sawdust feed pellet maker, etc.

A selection of different drifting fish feed machines are categorized according to their appearance as well as manufacturing approaches.

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( 2) Key performance attributes of floating fish feed maker

Double shaft differential stainless-steel conditioner, approximately 12 factors of steam and also 6 factors of fluid addition;
Combined pin, easy to keep and fix the bearing real estate;
The screw and the major shaft are linked by involute splines, which are easy to readjust and replace;
The barrel is embedded with a wear-resistant bushing and is furnished with a return water network, which can be heated/cooled, as well as can additionally directly infuse steam or cold water into the barrel;
Spiral constructed from special wear-resistant material, big aspect ratio can guarantee continual and stable production of sinking/floating feed of numerous pellet sizes;
Convenient as well as quick die replacement system and also online adjustable reducing tool;
Particularly ideal for the production of 2 ~ 6mm drifting pellets.

After the product is extruded by the drifting fish feed maker, it will form soft as well as soft pellets (the moisture material is 25%~ 30%). Right now, it is better to use pneumatic conveying as opposed to lift.

Because the use of elevators can easily create the pellets to be damaged and also boost the pulverization price; using pneumatically-driven communicating can not just rapidly form a layer of colloidal coating externally of the pellets to minimize the fragmentation of the pellets, however also round the shape of the pellets.

Because of its high wetness content, the product shared by pneumatic have to enter the clothes dryer for drying, so that the wetness material of the product is reduced to regarding 13%.

I really hope the above relevant web content regarding floating fish feed maker is helpful to you. For more information about floating fish feed pellets machine, you rate to seek advice from the staff of Richi Machinery, we will serve you completely!

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